LocoShout works with retailers around the UK to provide great quality deals to their customers… find out how LocoShout can help your business.

LocoShout is completely free to retailers and users. We offer a way to get your offers, deals and discounts out to your target audience. Our users can search and filter the best offers by location, offer category, rating and more.

How does LocoShout work for retailers?

LocoShout have a growing userbase, we also utilise social media and traditional marketing to promote the offers on our platform. Retailers can appear on our platform in 2 ways, they can upload their own offers to LocoShout via a verified account or LocoShout users can add offers. LocoShout is a crowdsourced offer platform, this means that if a person sees a great offer, they can upload it to the app for other people to find and use. Users also vote on the best offers, so if an offer is great, it will gain a better rank on our app.

Do retailers pay to be on the app?

No, it’s completely free to be on our app. Either by user added offers or by retailer added offers, it’s also free to get verified as the official account of a retailer.

How do I become verified?

Use the form below to start the process of verification. Once verified, you’ll appear as the official account for your outlet. This gives you greater control over the offers you show, the ability to add/ remove/ amend and also set extra fields such as end date. Users will also see that the offer has been posted by the official account.

How can I get an offer removed?

If you are the official account and added the offer, you can simply remove it via the app. If you believe an offer has been falsely added on your behalf, you can use the offer removal form below and our team with verify the validity of the offer and remove it if required.

What’s in it for LocoShout?

Well at the moment, the fun of it 😀

We’ve developed our app and idea because we thought it would be great for both users and retailers. For users, it helps people view, find, share and use some amazing offers/ deals/ discounts and also add them if they come across offers that they think other users will love. For retailers, it helps their current offers to be promoted through a new exciting platform and also push out great offers on their own LocoShout account.

We have development plans to implement ways for offers to be promoted as well as sponsored posts.

Can I promote an offer or post a sponsored offer?

Not at the moment, we have lots of exciting features we’re adding to our app, one of the next will be the ability for retailers to use sponsored posts to gain more visability, the ability to target specific user groups (such as people that regularly view food offers in certain locations) and more. Keep watching this space and sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest developments! You can also get in touch with our team if you have any questions.

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