LocoShout investment

If you’re looking to invest in LocoShout or get some info on how to get involved, you’ve come to the right place

Who has invested in LocoShout to date?

So far, the sole investors in LocoShout are the team from The App Warehouse. The App Warehouse team came up with the concept for LocoShout and have seen it through from a simple idea to help share offers around people both inside and outside of your friendship group, to getting a great design, app wireframe and prototyping all the way to launching the app and being published on the Apple App Store.

The App Warehouse team have also used funds from other successful ventures to fund the marketing and app launch.

Are we looking for investment?

Currently LocoShout are not directly looking for investment but we’re always keen to hear from potential investors or partners. We know that the right investor could help us scale the app and brand to new levels and accelerate our journey. If you’d like more information on investment, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

What is the future for LocoShout?

We are continuing to develop the app and broaden the concept of LocoShout. We have some great ideas to improve the app, give retailers more ability to reach their target audience, monetise the app and more.

How could monetisation work?

Currently, we do not charge our users or retailers to use the app. It’s completely free to view offers and add new offers, we intend on keeping it that way. Our main focus is and always has been, to grow the app and get great quality offers to everyone! We do however plan on monetising the app when ‘the time is right’. We feel we need to hit a critical mass of users, content and retailers before we push any monetisation. Some potential areas we can monetise are from simple ad spaces within the app (third party ads) or utilising a backend retailer platform. A backend retailer platform would allow outlets to promote their offers, either to their target market (by various demographics), by sponsoring their posts (to appear higher or more prominent in search results) and by utilising geotagging (if a user is within a radius of their venue, the user may be notified of a specific offer) and more…