Register as an influencer to receive special perks on LocoShout

Currently LocoShout is still in BETA, we’re accepting a limited number of influencer accounts. We are also expanding the impact and tools available for our influencers as we continue to improve and develop LocoShout.

How will it work for influencers?

As we add features to the app, we’ll also be making it clearer to both users and retailers who our influencers are and their importance on the app. Much like other leading social media platforms, influencers will be able to gain followers and gain traction. We envisage our influencers becoming a valuable marketing resource for retailers, big and small. Influencers will give retailers another avenue to promote and gain awareness of their offers.

Does LocoShout charge influencers?

Nope! It’s totally free to register as an influencer. If a retailer decides they would like to pay one of our influencers to promote or upload an offer on their behalf and utilise an influencers followers then the contract would be completely between the retailer and influencer. We do not take a fee or commission for this, nor do we manage the arrangement.

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